• Guided Tours
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  • Our guided tours will help make you better acquainted with our Factory. We can guide you around our current exhibition at the Factory and tell you more about the Factory’s history and architecture.

    Free guided tours take place on Tuesdays starting from 5 PM.
    You can register at the Information desk of the Factory (you do not need to make a reservation in advance).

    The tour on the first Monday of the month focuses on the architecture of the building giving you a detailed impression of the structure of the Argo building and discussing the possibilities and restrictions its architecture offers for innovative museum presentation formats, while those on Tuesdays concentrate on our current exhibition.

    These tours are intended for individuals rather than groups. To take part, you may reserve a place at the Factory Information desk on the day of the tour. The maximum size of the tour group is 20 people. Please note that although the tour is free of charge, the normal Factory admission fees apply.

    For more information and bookings, please call or email:
    T: +98 (21) 66 34 06 98
    E: argofactory[at]pejman.foundation