Neïl Beloufa

12 November 2015

Pejman Foundation is proud to present a talk by the French-Algerian artist Neïl Beloufa. Beloufa will present excerpts of some of his films and past exhibitions.

The talk is intended to serve as an introduction to Beloufa’s upcoming exhibition at Pejman Foundation: Argo Factory in 2017, his first ever professional exposure to an Iranian public.

The question of “context” was compelling — a question well informed by his multi-faceted practice. On one hand and from a rather material viewpoint, his installations are architectonic constellations that grow to almost embody the entire space where the viewer encounters them. This structural filtering intrinsic to some of his work modifies the context of display and how the audience comes to experience the space, positing large autonomous semi-architectural entities that pose an indifferent orientation towards the surrounding environment of a white cube. What these structures hold within, on the other hand, unravel the transformative capacity of time and place via an eerie ensemble of images, moving projections and perplexed narratives (that interchange from documentary to fiction and vice versa). It is a matter of Beloufa’s meticulously fabricated or found situations that intensifies the process through which an individual may or may not come to terms with a given situation even if it is quasi-virtual.

After Beloufa’s talk, there will be a panel discussion joined by Paolo Zani, the founder and director of Milan’s Zero Gallery — also a Beloufa’s representative. Zani will contribute to the discussion by reflecting on his own relationship with the artist and the challenges Beloufa’s works face in the global art market.

Date and Location:
Sangelaj Theater, Behdasht St., Eslami, Tehran
Thursday, November 12th