Anelor Robin is a freelance curator and artist from France and is based in Berlin. She has worked as a curator for many art galleries and festivals in France and Germany and has individually developed several independent curatorial projects and group exhibitions. Her practice as an artist and her curatorial practice is mainly focused on collage, publishing, and installation.

In her curatorial work, Robin considers the exhibitions she organizes as massive collages of different artistic elements. Regardless of the assembled works' origin, age, or medium, she feels obligated to find the best possible permeation of artists and artworks. As a lover of collage, she always enjoys finding new artists from around the world and imagining how their work can be best combined with the work of their contemporaries. Robin believes that culture tends to put people in boxes, which can be difficult to escape; therefore it is her curatorial aim to bring artists together that would normally not meet. Robin has found this to be the most surprising and satisfying method of organizing group exhibitions. Aroused by the Aby Warburg Mnemosyne Atlas concept, she believes in the power of images and all their potential combinations and diversions. Collage, to her reasoning, is the base of all art and creation.