Martin Guinard-Terrin

30 July 2017

In 2016, the philosopher Bruno Latour and his team organized the exhibition Reset Modernity! at ZKM, Germany. The exhibition aimed to offer an experiment: to reset a few of the instruments allowing us to register some of the confusing signals sent by the epoch.
Martin Guinard-Terrin, co-curator of the show will come back on the event, emphasizing the need and possibilities to draw now a comparative perspective between Europe and Iran.
Martin Guinard-Terrin is an artist and curator, with a background in History of Art and Fine Arts (Concordia, McGill, Central Saint Martins). He is currently co-curating an international exhibition called Reset Modernity! at ZKM I Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. The project is realized in collaboration with the AIME project, under the direction of the philosopher Bruno Latour.
The visit of Martin Guinard-Terrin to Tehran and her talk at Pejman Foundation is made possible through the generous support of the French Embassy in Tehran.

Date and Location:
Pejman Foundation: Kandovan
Sunday, July 30th, at 5 PM
Photos by Mohammad Rezaee