“The Room” is Pejman Foundation’s on-the-move platform with an exclusively curated programs. The room is designed in an online and off-venue setting and has hosted two virtual projects. With a contemporary approach, it aims to create a virtual distribution space for art more than presenting a special form of art. Its first two projects were executed in a context where the art distribution was transformed.

Phase 1:

During the first phase of “The Room”, Pejman Foundation launched a daily online streaming of video works on its website. In this program 27 videos by 27 artists were put together by Hamidreza Pejman, Sohrab Kashani, and Nariman Hamed.

Phase 2:

The current situation has imposed immense change in the society, the art scene included. Art production and distribution is happening in a new context. A context that requires us to revert to a perspective of seeing things beyond their components. “Immaterial” the new project at our virtual platform aligns with this idea. It showcase artworks that remain influential regardless of having their physical aspects taken away.

“Immaterial” will start showcasing works of 11 artists on Wednesdays and Sundays via our website starting June 7th.