Pejman Foundation

Alt. art education Art institutes in Tehran

9 January 2019

Behrang Samadzadegan (Aria Art Classes)
The panel moderated by Namdar Shirazian

Formal education systems are known for their rigid structures, creating limitations no longer attune with today’s interconnected and fluid world. Alternative education models, whose social significance has often been neglected by the structures of formal education, are becoming increasingly relevant. Private art institutes and organisations enter the scene, offering programmes in disciplines rarely covered in the official curriculum of art universities in Iran. Although unaccredited in the traditional sense, these independent institutes provide courses that benefit the practice of artists in a variety of ways. Each panellist will present their own institute and, in a followup group, discussion will speak about the importance of setting up alternative educational programmes in Iran.

Date and Location:
Vartan House
No. 514, West Taleghani Ave., Felestin Sq., Tehran–Iran
Wednesday, 9 January 2019, at 6 PM
Photos by Matin Jameie