Pejman Foundation

Art critique as a public mediator

9 January 2019

Helia Darabi, Sohrab Mahdavi, Homayoun Sirizi

Can art critiquing act as a mediator between art and the public? Do art critics play a role in increasing the value of private collections, and how? And how does art writing and art critiquing enrich popular society? Can contemporary art critiquing act independently from modern financial apparatuses? Is contemporary art critiquing itself not part and parcel of the production of art? These are some of the questions this panel will address.

Date and Location:
Café Godot Yas
Gol-e Yas Alley, Mohammadi St., Nejatollahi St., Tehran–Iran
Wednesday، 9 January 2019, at 4 PM
Photos by Matin Jameie