Art weeks: On setting up art weeks in Iran

5 January 2019

Hormoz Hematian, Maryam Majd, Hamidreza Pejman
The panel moderated by Sohrab Mahdavi

The founders and directors of Teer Art Hormoz Hematian, Maryam Majd and Hamidreza Pejman speak about art weeks as unique opportunities to see art in a variety of different places in cities by bringing together art practitioners, art enthusiasts and art venues. They will address the importance of setting up art weeks in Tehran and in other cities of Iran.

Date and Location:
Café Godot Yas
Gol-e Yas Alley, Mohammadi St., Nejatollahi St., Tehran–Iran
Saturday, 5 January 2019, at 4 PM
Photos by Matin Jameie