Peyman Shafieezadeh in conversation with Homayoun Sirizi

26 November 2018

Peyman Shafieezadeh (Artist) in conversation with Homayoun Sirizi (Curator) at Pejman Foundation: Kandovan. On Monday, November 26th, at 5 PM.

Intervention in artist’s practice is the critical point of selecting this term, and further than the term the nature of this act. Neither to the extent where it is managed or tanned, nor to the opposite where are some aspects not taken into account. For the reason ahead I opt for spinning: weaving fibres of image and meaning to the strength which something is woven. If not, at least the warp and the weft are separable.

He was born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran and is a graduate of Painting from the faculty of Art and Architecture (Azad University, Tehran). He was awarded the Tehran National Sculpture Biennale’s first prize award in 2017, shortlisted for MOPCAP award in 2015 and was of the top 10 selected by the Jury in Façade Video Festival of Plovdiv. His work has been exhibited in Gwangju Biennale, Beijing International Art Biennale and also in many spaces such as Triumph Gallery in Russia, Hinterland in Austria and Red Bull House of Art, SOMARTS Gallery in USA.

Homayoun Askari Sirizi was born in 1981 in Kerman, Iran and is a graduate of Architecture from University of Tehran. His works include installations, performances and video projects and often comment on Iran’s social and political landscape. The Test of Democracy (2005), A Probable War (2006), U-turn to Utopia (2007) and Back to the Future (2008) are some of his works. He also writes regularly for a variety of Iranian art and cultural magazines.

Date and Location:
Pejman Foundation: Kandovan
Monday, November 26nd, at 5 PM
Photos by Mohamad Rezaee