"Return" A Project by Paadmaan
Curator: Foad Alijani

May 20th - June 10th 2022

"Return" is Paadmaan's research-based project, addressing methods and perceptions in documentation of contemporary art projects, and is presented as a book and a curatorial exhibition.

How can the artists maintain their project after its presentation? Should the projects that belong to a particular time and space and are temporal at their core be documented at all? The "Return" project explores these questions as part of Paadmaan projects since 2018 and investigates the concept of documenting “contemporary art” through the framework of a conversation with some Iranian artists, analyzing their methodologies and approaches towards the issue of documentation. These conversations are published in a book as the research part of the project.
In the "Return" exhibition as a curatorial project, more than focusing on introducing the projects, with attention to the existence of each project in a displacement situation, the emotional experience of what they have been through is also considered.

Curator: Foad Alijani

Exhibition Artists:
Arash Mirhadi
Bahare Mirhadi
Nima Bahrehmand
Mahshid Mahboubifar
Rouzbeh Akhbari
Sahar Te

Exhibition Assistant: Fatemeh Moghtada
Exhibition Documentation: Pooria Bijari

Date and Location:
Pejman Foundation: Kandovan Building
May 20th - June 10th, 2022. 4 - 8 PM

Photos: Niloufar Aghdam