A talk between Mohammad Hassanzadeh, Hamed Dehghan, and Foad Alijaani

22 October 2021

‏This conversation will revolve around Mohammad Hassanzadeh’s recent works and latest book, published after the “Oil: The Height of Depth“ exhibition from “In the Midst” vol.1 exhibition held in Argo Factory in March and April 2021.

‏Mohammad Hassanzadeh (b. 1979, Gachsaran, Iran) studied at the College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. He lives and works in Tehran and southern Iran. His material as a visual and experimental artist encompasses a wide range of materials—from natural elements to scientific data. In his works, he draws on photography, drawing, and printing mediums to help him shape and organize his ideas. His artistic projects are a combination of history, politics, and nature, inspired by natural science approaches such as observation, empiricism, and experimentation.

‏Hamed Dehqan (b. 1990, Behshahr, Iran) lives and works in Tehran. He worked as an architect after graduating from university. Since 2013, he has changed his direction towards visual arts and curating. His works result from a process of searching, recollecting, decomposing, and analyzing collected data. Often his projects are presented in a form of sculptures and installations.

‏Foad Alijani a Tehran-based artist is known for his site-specific installations and performances. He sees visual arts as an ongoing dialogue between mental images and the material world. He refers to his artistic process as an imitation of creation.

Date and time:
Pejman Foundation: Argo Factory
Friday, October 22nd, 2021