Ahmadreza Schricker (ASA North)

Project Architect – Founder of ASA North

Ahmadreza Schricker is an architect, writer and founder of Ahmadreza Schricker Architecture – North, a New York-based international architecture practice that collaborates with artists and writers. ASA North operates within a range of a small private house to the big scale of urban design and has a concentrated interest of innovation in the areas of art, design, technology, social interaction and lifestyle. Thus, ASA North welcomes operating inside the traditional boundaries of architecture and beyond. Before finding ASA North, Ahmadreza studied fine arts and later received his masters of architecture from Harvard University in 2008. Ahmadreza was a project architect at OMA*AMO New York office and oversaw the design direction of several projects in the Americas. Prior to joining OMA he was a design architect in Basel, Switzerland and worked on a variety of commissions at the office of Herzog & de Meuron.

Ahmadreza Schricker (Architect)
Mehdi Holakoui (Architecture Details)
Mona Jan-Ghorban (Project Manager)
Behrang Bani-Adam (Structural Designer)
Golsana Heshmati (Lighting Designer)