Dezeen Awards 2022

Argo Factory won the 2022 Dezeen Architecture Award, organized by the Dezeen website, one of the world’s most influential architecture and design websites. This annual award introduces the best architecture, interior decoration and design in the world, as well as unique studios and architects and designers, and is a benchmark for recognizing the best international designs and praising architects and designers around the world. These awards include three categories: architecture, interior and design, with 14 sub categories in each category. Finally, the final winner will be selected from each section and will be honored as the three special works of Dezeen Architecture Award.

In the fifth edition of these awards, Argo Factory was among the names of selected projects in the final stage or short list of this international competition in the cultural buildings section, and became the final winner of this section.

Argo Factory is also selected as the Dezeen Awards 2022 architecture project of the year.


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