Leonie Radine

4 February 2017

Six international artists and collectives were invited to develop new site-specific works that engage with selected living spaces in which the works were presented. In close coordination with the participating artists, domestic spaces were chosen that are of particular interest to the artistic intervention either conceptually, architecturally, or due to the residents. This experimental exhibition addressed current notions of privacy, intimacy, and hospitality in our digitally networked and nomadic society. Moreover, it directly examined conventions and new forms of living as well as the possibilities and limits of their representation. On the one hand, private homes are increasingly being shared and exhibited publicly through social media and the sharing economy. On the other hand, many people view the home as a place of retreat as an increasingly urgent necessity. But what happens when not only what is private becomes public, but also what is public becomes private?

Date and Location:
Pejman Foundation: Argo Factory
Saturday, 4 February, at 6 PM