Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam: Unrealised Projects

Dynamic Sculptures from Small to Monumental 1968-2018

26 November 2021 – 11 February 2022

“I would like to see these desert sculptures in very large dimensions on the desert hills, next to the villages and in the squares of the cities of Iran. I would also love to give small samples to the students to create a sense of creativity and shape. This, however, requires things that are beyond my control”.
These are the artist’s almost prophetic words when, in 1975, he wrote the introduction to the catalogue of his retrospective at the Takhte Jamshid Gallery in Tehran.
On that occasion, his well-known artworks from the “Sand” series and interactive, mobile sculptures from the early 1970s were exhibited as well as new plexiglass sculptures entitled ‘Pardiss’, whose first example is kept at TMoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Tehran.
The exhibition itinerary develops in a continuous dialogue between historical sculptures and new reproductions, creating a continuous dance in time and space thanks to the visitors’ interaction, allowing them to enter Mohsen Vaziri’s universe.
Thanks to a long-term vision and études for sculptures that were kept for over 50 years, today the artist allows us —through his pencil sketches— to feel the power and determination of his will to build these artworks.
The opportunity will come only in 1979 when a government counsellor commissions Vaziri with a ‘Pardiss’ for Jamshidieh Park in Tehran —a project that will be brought to life in Kent (England) but that unfortunately will never arrive to its final destination due to the events of those years.
Today, through collaboration between Pejman Foundation and Vaziri Moghaddam Foundation, we make this dream possible with the installation of the same work chosen in that distant 1979 for Tehran’s park in Argo Factory’s courtyard.

Hamoun Vaziri Moghaddam

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