Vandad Ghooparanloo (Vandad Developments)

Vandad Ghooparanloo received his honors in Civil Engineering at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada in 2004, and became licensed as a member of the Professional Engineers of Canada in 2009. In addition to working in his family’s construction company, and for various contractors in Toronto, Vandad has also worked as a senior engineer managing heavy construction projects for municipal purposes. He created this second-generation business by bringing together a collection of talented individuals and experts in various fields to building on 50 years of experience, and has become known in this industry for reliability and professionalism.
Whether preserving historical sites or modernizing neighborhoods, Vandad Developments aims to enhance the visual experience of a community, while adding to its functionality and meeting its needs.

Abolfazl Zargarani (Site Superintendent)
Yasaman Ranjkesh (Project Engineer/Coordinator)
Vahid Elahi (Construction Consultant/Coordinator)
Saeed Elahi (Mechanical Consultant/Coordinator)