“In the Midst” vol. 1

5 March – 30 April 2021

“In the Midst” vol. 1 is the first of a series of exhibitions that will be held at Argo Factory, simultaneously presenting several solo exhibitions by different artists. Since its inception Pejman Foundation has collaborated with young, emerging as well as mid-career artists. But up to now, it has not had the opportunity to present their works at Argo Factory.
“In the Midst” vol.1 will present three solo exhibitions by Neda Saeedi, Ali Meer Azimi and Mohammad Hassanzadeh, each placed in a different space at Argo Factory. These three artists are close in age but they have had entirely different professional experiences. The proximity of the three exhibitions allows the viewer to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their works and thought processes, by being able to compare and contrast their form and content, as well as the variety of used medium and material.

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“In the Midst vol.1” virtual tour

“In the Midst vol.1” virtual tour (High Quality)