Lipstick to the Void

Ali Meer Azimi

According to Fredric Jameson in “The Aesthetics of Singularity”, “An ontology of the present is a science-fictional operation.” This text was presented alongside Siah Armajani’s designs titled, “Sound Towers No. 5” and Abbas Kiarostami’s movie titled, “First Case, Second Case”. It paved the way for Ali Meer Azimi to think about a specified period of time that we call “at the moment.” A “at the moment” that compared to another form of time, is constantly shaping contemporary geopolitics and is involved with another moment that the artist knows as the moment of impact: “Attention, attention!” “The sound you are hearing is a warning signal or a red siren. It indicates …”
The project he is preparing in Argo Factory is on one hand dealing with various characters of sound, hearing receptors and listening processes, and on the other hand the It proposes approaches to counteract or neutralize them all involved with some form of transparency. As if the moment is a corridor of sound that cannot be imagined without auditory experience.

Ali Meer Azimi (born in 1984, Isfahan) works with various mediums from installations to audio design and texts. Meer Azimi studies the structures of image considering politics and contemporary art exhibition spaces from a cinematic point of view considering the modern history of Iran.
He participated in Ashkal Alwan’s HWP 2016-17 Program in Beirut and Shifting Panoramas, the Feldfünf-Goethe Institute residency in Berlin. He also was a nominee for DAAD’s 2020 long-term research grant and was one of the three artists participating in the Iranian national pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale. In addition to these, his projects have been exhibited in group or solo shows internationally from 2009 up to present.

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